Category: Interrail 2022

  • Inbetween a lake… and another lake

    Continuing my wild eyed tourist cosplay invoked by Swiss mountains, I decided to take a scenic train. Switzerland has many of them and they seem to mostly be free with the Interrail pass as of time of writing. If you are doing a similar trip, I really recommend looking at the pass benefits and discounts […]

  • Won’t you come and dance with me Esta

    Something happened when I got to Basel. This journey was not meant to be a sightseeing tour but something about Switzerland got me. It turned me into a wide eyed tourist. I think it is that the different regions are a weird David Lynch of their culturally aligned countries. Basel was like a quaint city […]

  • Finally my trousers have stopped falling down

    Duisburg, I left you but you never left me. I am writing this post from a ICE train from Manheim to Basel. I’ve just spent a few days with my friend H aka “the world’s nicest man”. We had a great time in his city of Duisburg which is a slightly obscure industrial city where […]

  • Pedalling backwards

    We finally worked out why Dutch bikes do the backwards pedalling brake thing! My theory is it’s so that you can smoke a spliff in one hand and drink a beer in the other whilst cycling and still maintain full braking abilities. Really smart once you think about it. Risk management. Hacking the planet continues, […]

  • Riding the boat and the Autonomic Rotterdam Swarm

    We made it! Well barely. There’s something about a Megabus. My 30th party was a success. It was about 30 degrees inside Artefact, the worker co-op arts-space where I put on my party. This meant that people could only dance for 10-15 minutes before overheating and having to head out to the garden area. I […]

  • My One Bag load out for a month in Europe

    Thanks to my friend, I found out about the world of conscious one bag travelling. There is a subReddit called r/onebag that was quite influential. I am attempting to follow this philosophy for my trip. I’ll update this list and I continue to pack and then try and take some photos so check back from […]

  • Never Cross a Picket Line

    It was confirmed in a post by National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) that there are national rail workers strikes on the 21st, 23rd and 25th June 2022. Network Rail plans to cut 2,500 maintenance jobs, the union says, as it tries to make £2bn of savings over the next two years.” […]

  • Interrail Trip 2022

    I managed to get a half price continuous 1st class Interrail ticket for a month during their 50th Anniversary sale. I intend to use it 🙂 My company Autonomic Co-operative was also able to cover half of the cost of this due to a work meetup in Rotterdam. My interests are tech co-operatives, co-operatives in […]